Puppetmaster Job Quest

This is by far the easiest job to get in Aht Urhgan. You’ll still need a White Mage that can cast Sneak, Invisible, and Deorderize. [Editor’s Note: or buy the potions and oils.]

To start this quest head over to Bastok Markets and talk to Shamarhaan at the foutain. You’ll notice that he has a puppet with him. You’ll get a cut scene and be told that he can not teach you and send you to one of his students in Aht Urhgan.

Once you get to Aht Urhgan go talk to a Tarutaru named Iruki-Waraki at (K-9). He will also tell you that he can not teach you without his puppet. So, lucky for us, there is an Automation Shop in town.(I-7) Head over there and talk with the Galka named Ghatsad. Unlucky for us, he doesn’t have any models on hand and would like you to go get him one of his older models.

Well this is where the White Mage (or potions) comes in. Get on the boat to Nashmau and get ready for one of the worst runs in your gaming career. Head out to Caedarva Mire and get ready for the worst. There are tiny monsters here called Chigoes which can’t be seen with the Wide scan, so you have to use your own eyes to spot these tiny devils. Also, Imps and Lambia are in the area which have Truesight, which means they can see you no matter what buffs you have on.

Well anyways, head for the zone at (I-6) which will take you into Arrapago Reef. This is where you get the key item for your Puppeteer. It actually happens to be right in the beginning of the cave so you don’t have to go too far. On the first beached ship at (H-10) there will be a ??? Click on that and get out.

Return to the Automation Shop in Aht Urghan, and guess what! You get to wait some more. Gastsad needs a day to study this model so come back when the clock hits 0:00 for your puppet. With the puppet in hand go to Iruki-Waraki again and you’ll get a cut scene. At the end of the cut scene you’ll get the ability to name your Puppet and change to the job class Puppetmaster. Congratulations!

FFXI Screenshots – How to Take and Upload

Taking Screenshots On the compact keyboard, press the “]” right brace key to close all open windows in the game and clear them out ready for the screenshot. To take the picture, depress the “[” left brace key. While “]” is selected, you won’t see messages sent to you etc., nor will you see the “Screenshot saved” or “Screenshot cannot be saved” messages. Depress the “]” right brace key again to display messages. If the “Screenshot cannot be saved” message displays, it means you’ve filled up your “camera” and you need to get a new roll of film (well, not really, hehe).

To keep your images and clear out space for new screenshots:

Hard Drive Access To find your final fantasy screen shots on your hard drive, they are typically in a spot like this: C:\Program Files\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\PlayOnlineViewer\pub\home01\open\ScreenShots\FinalFantasyXI

If you “run out of film,” you may move these pictures to another directory and start over. Keep moving pictures to your other directory as you fill it up. The names are always different so you don’t have to worry about accidentally replacing a screenshot.

Playonline Viewer Access If you use an XBOX or PS2, you may find them via the Playonline viewer as well. Log into your Playonline Viewer. Go to the menu that has: Games, Navigator, Extras, etc. Click the NAVIGATOR link. Go to the link for File Manager. It will display your greeting cards as a default. Mouse over to the icon on the top right for SCREENSHOTS. Click Screenshots. Click on one of the screenshots displayed.

Email a screenshot You may ATTACH TO MAIL and mail it to your email account. Or compose a mail and select the ATTACH FILE paper clip icon. Click the SEND MAIL link. Check your email and it should be in your email as a file attachment. You may save the file to your hard drive. Return to our site and you may upload the file and select it from your hard drive.

Pyogenes Vana’diel Timer


This timer includes Vana’diel Time, Airship, Ferry, Guild shop hours, Moon, Day of the Week, etc.

Ranger Job Quest

The Ranger Job quest is actually the easiest quest possible in all of Final Fantasy XI. Head to Windurst Woods and talk with a Mithra named Perih Vashai. (K-7) This will begin the Ranger Job Quest. Perih will talk about the ways of nature and send you off to watch an Old Tiger die. Head for the Sauromugue Champaign and go on top of the cliff. There in a cave that you must run though will be Bones. Click on the bones and the Old Tiger will spawn. You don’t have to kill this Tiger, and watching him die was what you were sent to do. Once the Old Tiger has died (from old age or something) click on the bones once again to receive the key item. Head back to Perih to finish the quest. You can now become a Ranger. Congratulations!

[Editor’s Note: Ha ha ha ha ha! Easy? Not if you don’t have prism powder or invisible! Because the huge Tigers outside the mouth of the cave will kill you before you get inside! – Moondust]

Samurai Job Quest

This is another job quest where you must have the expansion pack: Rise of the Zilart.

For the Samurai quest to begin, grab your level 30 character and head for Norg. To get through the Sea Serpents Grotto bring a Sneak oil or someone who can cast Sneak.

Once in Norg, look to your right and you’ll see a large building constructed in the wall. Head in there and talk with the man named Jaucribaix. Jaucribaix will start you off with the Samurai quest and send you off to his two assistants, Aeka & Ranemaud. Aeka will give you the Oriental Steel and Ranemaud will give you the Sacred Sprig. Both are required for this quest. Also, grab a hatchet for use further into the quest.

Now, head for Konschtat Highlands to (D-8). This is where the first NM fight is. Once in the small cave trade the Oriental Steel to the ??? A NM bomb will spawn called the Forger. This NM is level 33 so some help may be required. Once he is defeated, he’ll drop the item you need, Bomb Steel. Tell other party members to pass the item because you need it for your Samurai quest. Also, if you’re doing Samurai for more than one person, it’s a ten minute wait in between spawn times and the Forger will only drop one steel at a time.

Now that you have your bomb steel, it’s time to get the harder item. So Head over to The Sanctuary of Zi’Tah. If you aren’t on a Chocobo here it will most likely lead to your death.

At (K-10) there will be a giant tree. Look for the ??? that’s crammed into the corner. This is where that hatchet comes in. Trade the hatchet to the ??? and the next NM trent will spawn. It’s called a Guardian Trent and is around level 55. So, beat this tree down and get your final item. Trade the Sacred Sprig to the ??? that you traded your hatchet to and receive the item: Sacred Branch. You only have to do this NM once for the whole party, as long as you all have Sacred Sprigs.

Now, with both items in hand, head back for Norg. You’re finally done with all traveling and getting your items, so go see Jaucribaix. Well guess what, he has to craft that steel and branch into a sword now. So come back in three game days ( 3 real hours ) and get the final cut scene.

Guess what, that sword he was crafting was for you, and you receive both it and the ability to become a Samurai. Congratulations, now get out there and beat some baddies down.

After the success of our last competition we will again be running a speed quest comp. This time the winner will get a FFXI discount code for G2A that will entitle them to one free copy of FFXI. As usual, make sure you send proof that you had not already completed the quest. We had to disqualify 6 people last comp so behave yourselves!

Summoner Job Quest

Ok, just like any other advanced job you will need a lvl 30 character to obtain this quest. While using your lvl 30 character (only way to get the drop) go fight any kind of leech creature until they drop a carbuncle’s ruby. I found mine in Bubirumu Peninsula as did many others I know. (Another successful location is Qufim Island) Don’t get your hopes up cause this has an extremely low drop rate… I’ve heard about 1% and I believe it since it took me a week to get it to drop. :( After obtaining the ruby from a leech go to the House of Hero located in Windrust right beside Heaven’s Tower. Talk to the short little taru guy inside and a cut scene will occur. After this you will need to observe all 7 weather conditions… does not have to be all at once. You will need to have the ruby in your inventory to do this though so make sure you make room for that. I’ve heard that you don’t need your lvl 30 job to get the weather conditions but I’m not sure cause I got all mine with my level 30 rdm. You can find most of these weather conditions in different zones around Valkurm Dunes. Ice is the hardest to obtain without help. Go through Ranguemont Pass in the northeast corner of East Ronfaure to reach the zone with ice (I don’t remember the name of it but it’s in the same vicinity of Xarcabard). I do not know how to get a map of Ranguemont Pass but a good general direction to follow through the caves is northeast with a few, if any, left turns here and there. Everything else is relatively easy to obtain if you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time… took me over 3 weeks to get fire weather (Meriphitaud Mountains) Although most will tell you to go to Valkurm Dunes for fire. After getting all weather conditions a cut scene will occur where a carbuncle appears in the sky and heads toward La Thiene Plateau. So guess what… you need to go to La Thiene Plateau. Head up about as north as possible and it is not too far from the zone into West Ronfaure. You need to go to a circle of stones just north of where the Ordelle’s Caves are. Trade the ruby to the ??? and then a cut scene will occur and you will obtain summoner. Good luck… this could be either a fast an easy quest or a long and agonizing quest like it was for me.

FFXI Cooking


This is an excellent guide to cooking in FFXI and I highly recommend checking it out!

The Dark Lilies Quest

Each city has an exorcist that will ask you to follow a ghost. You will need to first trade a sweet to a game NPC such as a skeleton, ghost, etc. Trade a cinna-cookie, acorn cookie, bubble chocolate, ginger cookie. Stuff like that. Any sweet. You may only trade ONE kind of treat per Vana’diel day (one human hour). You can trade more, but they’ll just tell you thank you and keep your food. There are some regular NPC’s that are dressed up in costumes. You can trade to them too.

They may give you some cool Halloween gear, or they will turn you into a costumed monster.

You cannot open doors when in costume. So if you do it inside a store, you can’t get out unless someone opens the door for you.

Once dressed in a costume (orc, ghost, yagudo, etc.) go find the ghost the exorcist sends you to. Do NOT get in front of them where they can see you, or they will say “You’re no monster!” and take away your costume. Then you have to trade a different kind of sweet to another monster and start over.

Before following the ghost make sure you talk to an exorcist to sign up for the quest.

In Windurst, go to Windy Waters North, near the gate, and talk to Roger at F5. He will ask you to follow Bikho Ronpatteh.

In North San’dioria talk to Gertrude at D8 by the West Ronfaure exit on the west, west of the Inn. She will ask you to follow Poseaulloie. She will mention Maryse.

In Bastock Markets, talk to Brian at G8. He will ask you to follow Selma and mention Pretty Heart.

I followed Bikho in Windurst and she tends to turn to the right slowly. Don’t put yourself on follow as when she turns around, she’ll see you. But if you follow and she starts to turn, then get behind her and don’t let her see you.

She’ll start mumbling things to herself. At some point she’ll tell you to stop stalking her. When that happens, you are done with her and you can go talk to the exorcist again. And then they are supposed to give you the Witches Hat.

I haven’t got it yet, but Sirlancelittle has his. He got it in Bastock. Sigh.

Dragoon Job Quest and Competition

Okay, for this one I would suggest either finding a high level White Mage with warp and Teleport-Mea, or getting ready to do one of the longer quests. Also, you must be on either mission 2-3 or Rank 3 to do this quest.

Head to Port Sand O’ria and in Cargo Room A, speak with Arminibit and Ceraulian. Bostaunieux Oubliette is the next place you must go which is inside the Chateau. Talk with a man named Novalmauge whom you also get the Drain Scroll quest from. He will then speak about the Dragoons and their pride. Head out and to the Church, in the studies is a man name Morjean. This will start up another cut sceen. Once the cut scene is done head for Shakhrami Maze with a pick axe in hand.

You will need to find an Excavation Point which randomly spawns anywhere in the maze. Thus, some high level help can be appreciated, since the tunnel is full of Wendigos and higher level monsters. Once you find the Excavation Point trade the pickaxe to the spot and receive your wyverns egg. Think your done? Think again.

Head back to Sand O’ria and speak with Morjean again. Oiheaurese will come and say that a wyvern can be born from this egg with your help. Head back out to Meriphataud Mountains, and on the other side of the long bone in the sky (Doragora’s Spine) there will be a ??? on the right side of the bone if you’re facing Castle Oztroja. Boggarts are here and will aggro a level 33 character so be careful. Trade the wyverns egg to the ??? and you’ll get a cut scene.

Ready to finally finish up with quest? Well get some friends in high places because this last fight will need help if you go at it with a level 30 character. The dragon you must fight is called Cyranuce M Cutauleon and is a level 40 Notorious Monster. So head out to Ghelsba Outpost and go up to the the hidden door at (G-10). The cut scene will start and the fight will begin. There is no level cap for this fight so one level 60 should be able to take Cyranuce no problem. After the dragon is dead you’ll get the final cut scene and the ability to become a Dragoon. You’ll also get to name your Wyvern. Congratulations!

In order to make this interesting we are going to be running a competition to see who can complete the quest first. The winner will receive origin games promo code that will entitle them to a free copy of FFXI In order to enter you need to send proof to us that you have not already completed the quest. The winner will be announced once we can verify that there was no cheating.

The Starlight Celebration

In Windy go to Windy Waters north and buy a Dream Hat from the event moogles and put it on. You have to have this on in order to give presents to the kids.

Then go to Windy Woods and talk to the event dude around the fountain area.

Same thing in Sandy or Bastok.

You may buy event items here:

– Northern San d’Oria (D-8)
– Port Bastok (L-8)
– Windurst Waters (G-10)

The smile bringer event dudes will have you /cheer the walking Twinkling Treant tree. The walking trees always spawn at the same location when the event dude disappears.

Follow the walking tree and /cheer the tree, not the moogle. When it disappears, go back to the event dude and he will ask you to find an imposter. Each city the imposter rotates between a couple of NPCs with dream hats. Target the imposter and a moogle will go above his head and disappear.

To help out your fellow players, when you find the imposter, give a /shout with the Name of the imposter, location, and position so everyone can find him.

Then return to the event moogle and get a reward item. Make sure your inventory items has empty spots to hold things. Also, carry all items as you go so you don’t get the same one given to you later (I’ve been told).

Once every game day/human hour, you will be given a kiddie present. Find a child in the city and trade the present to them. This will give you happyness. Each time you trade a kiddie present, the event dude will allow you to warp to another city to do the event there.

It’s fun to party up and play with friends and warp together and roam around. In fact, it’s fun with mules who never get to leave their cities, because they can now safely warp to the other cities and check them out! (heehee)

I’ve been told that if you DON’T warp, but instead buy fireworks and trade your presents to kids in the same city, that you can max out your happyness, and the next day, your Mog House Moogle will put a Dream Hat +1 under your Christmas tree in your mog house. The hat dispenses ginger cookies. So that would also make one assume that you must have a Christmas tree in your mog house. Whether it has to be the tree for the city you’re in or not, I don’t know.

Also, the event moogles that sell the Dream Hat also sell the Christmas Trees and the fireworks. I don’t know if you can use fireworks obtained at other celebrations or not. I haven’t tried it. But I have a Yukata that makes fireworks so I’m gonna give that a try.

Also, I intend to be in Windy when I make the children happy because Windy Port is FULL of children behind the warehouse, the little SOB’s! (Star Onion Brigade). So I figure that’s the easiest place to make kids happy. In the other cities I don’t have a clue where to find a bunch of kids.

Also, when I tried to give a present to the same kids twice, she told me she only had two arms and where did I expect her to hold another present! So yeah, don’t think you can give a present to the same kid. Maybe you can with fireworks.

Okay, so that’s enough for the misinformation! Have fun!!!